Thursday, 2 May 2013

Jokes: Akpors is 'Dead'

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Akpors and Shaam needed cash
so bad.

They started thinking of what to
do to get fast cash.

After a long thinking, Akpors
suggested they dupe his
insurance company.

He told Shaam his insurance
company is to pay him $ 10miilion
if he ever dies.

So he is going to play dead and
then after, Shaam can go collect
the cash and they can both share
the cash.

Shaam told the insurance
company Akpors is dead and they
followed him down to where
Akpors is been lay down dead to

INSURANCE REP : Are you sure he
is dead?

Shaam: Ye....s (Crying)

INSURANCE REP : But a dead man
don't suppose to cross his hands.
Akpors: (Released his hands

INSURANCE REP : But a dead man
don't suppose to cross his leg

Akpors: (Straighten's up his legs)

INSURANCE REP: Now that we have confirmed that he isdead, we will need
to cut off his head as an evidence to our Boss.
(Brings out a sword to cut Akpors
head off)

Akpors Shouted "Am not dead
ooo, Am alive"

One word for Akpors?

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