Monday, 8 April 2013

Jokes: Who's The Dumbest

Joe Amoke  /  at  12:45  /  2 comments

Whos is the dumbest?
(1) A Ugandan who goes to the
bank with a spanner to open a bank

(2) A Nigerian who removes his shoes
to enter a taxi

(3) A Kenyan who went to bed with a
ruler just to know how long he has

(4) A Tanzanian who watches news on
tv and waves at a news reader

(5) A Zambian nurse who wakes up a
sleeping patient simply because he
forgot to give him sleeping pills

(6) A South African who lowers his tv
volume because he wants to read a
text message

(7) A Ghanian who sprays him self
doom to chase away mosquitoes

(8) A Zimbabwenean who polishes his
shoes to take a passport size photo...

(9) A Benin man who sold his TV just to buy DVD

(10) An Ethopian who is in his house holding an Umbrella while it is
raining outside

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  1. (9) A Benin man who sold his TV just to buy DVD his thought is out of this,ajo you got this tinx in your palm , why not join basket mouth....?

  2. Lolz... Na all of dem oo Nice 1


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