Thursday, 4 April 2013

Jokes: The Three Lazy Student

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3 guys missed exam because they didn't read. So they Came
up with a plan. Got themselves very dirty using
grease then went to see the Dean. 

Sir we are sorry we couldn't make it for the exam.
We attended a wedding on our way back the car
broke down thus we're so dirty.

The Dean understood and gave them 3 days to prepare. After 3 days they went to the Dean, they were
very ready for the exam because this time they
studied real hard. The Dean put them in 3 separate classes.

There were only 4 questions on the exam paper. 

1 Who was getting married ? (25mrks).

2 Where was the reception ? (25mrks).

3 What colour was the groom's suit ? (25mrks).

4 What type of car broke down ? (25mrks).

Good luck!!!

Your answers shuld be the

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