Saturday, 13 April 2013

Is Akpors Really Mad

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Akpors wanted to use his ATM card but the
machine kept on rejecting the card.

A frustrated
Akpors called his bank help line.

Akpors : (angrily) So what's wrong with my ATM card.

Call girl : Sir, I have checked your account,
everything is alright here and You should be able to use your card,
are you sure your card is not
damaged or broken?

Akpors : Are you insane? What are You
insinuating? No one takes good care of their ATM

card like I do.

Call girl : Okay Sir, are you also sure the surface isn't wet or
stained with dirt?

Akpors : You dey mad? ATM card wey I dey pet like egg. As a matter of
fact, I even laminated it last week when I laminated my Identity card.

Call girl : Did you just said LAMINATE?

Akpors : Of course Yes!!!

One Word For Akpors?

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