Wednesday, 17 April 2013

If You Were To Be In Akpors Shoes, What Will You Do? >>> Part 2

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There was a night i ate a very heavy meal, drank a bottle of beer and
fell asleep with a tooth pick in my mouth. I found myself in a dream
being chased by my Girlfriend inside a bush with a sharp cutlass. I
ran as fast as i could like a mad man. She couldn't catch up with me
after trying everything possible, she changed to a dog and even to a
tiger but i was too fast like Usain Bolt, she finally gave up.

I didn't look back, i kept on running and woke up sweating and looked around,

saw my Girlfriend staring at me angrily, holding the same sharp cutlass.

She said; Akpors, for your mind now, you sabi run abi?

If you were to be in Akpors shoes, what will you do?

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