Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Akpors Letter To His Principal

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Dear Sir,

I am very happy that i am rite this letter to you. How are you
and your wife and your childs. I am rite this letta to told you that i
am leave your school
forever. Why because in your school your teachers are cane us
all very hard one and sometimes i wanted to cried but my friends
tell me that man is not crying so i never cry. The last time bi too
that we write exams in the school that i am get 20% teacher tell me
that "my head is die", oh it pain me too much that he tell me that
thing. But, now i am get addittion to another scholl to write G-ece at
that place. Ah i am
tell you plenty things too much for now. Ahaa! The time that you tell
me as to come to school early kra-mpo sometime i wake up early and
tries to be late. You have do saa now that i am left
the school for you peoples. I am gone away.

Bye bye teachers
Yours FateFool,

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