Saturday, 9 March 2013

Today's Joke

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There was a restaurant where Emeka always eat, and each time he's
eating, this white man always come in and eat, and when the
white man finshed eating, he always shout "HEY".

Emeka always wonder what make the white man shout like that, so one day, he
decided to eat what the white man always eat.

On the faithful day, he went to the restuarant and asked the waiter to
serve him what that white man always eat, and he was served roasted
chicken with red wine, when he finished eating, he didn't shout, he
was confused and wondering why he didn't shout.

He then called the waiter and asked how much is his money,and the
waiter brought him the bill which is written


RED WINE = 500.000

TOTAL = 1000000

and emeka shouted "HEY"

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