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Jokes: Funny Application Letter For A Job Of Security Guard At GTB

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Funny Application Letter For A Job Of Security Guard At

Dear sar,
I am Name is Tenager, I apply to my job of security
guard to you boss in your company of GTBank. ...I am
complete to Sitted 7 examination certificate in 2003. My
skool here... KAMWALA BASIC very good. ...

I am 29 ears to be Born of age and no wafe and no
childish. My father dead long time ago and my mother

is marry in CONGO REPUBLIC country there 10 years n
ow, no sees her until now, so nobody known to help money and food and tea and drink. 
certificate is just sitting in home for itself, but passes in
Mathematics, Geography, Science and all subjects but
fail in English because of eazy teacher teaching me is
look jelous of myself because i wear expenses cloth and shoe than
teacher musonda. 

I here that people you want security
guards to your company and I tell you I am one of that
job experience for 2 years looking video for Rambo I, II
and III. I also shot thief dead. I want to join the
company of You and chase criminal and thief out with
SMG of me. I can fight for SMG, arrow, spear, panga,
knife, stick and stones. Me also can fight for boxing like

Please consider my application very careful and call me
any time because me have hand telephone now. I am
red for interview with you if you like me. Me have no
photocopy certificate because the photocopy machine
there at kabwata shop is a long time and very old it can
mistake spelling in the certificate, that is why. 

I am very
honest and I didn't steal since I born until now,I can
speak English free. I have no very much to right I have
end here.

Please also greet your wife and childish!

Yurs fatefooli.... Francis

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