Thursday, 21 March 2013

Jokes: Driver Vs Conductor

Joe Amoke  /  at  09:30  /  2 comments

Driver Vs Conductor

A Taxi driver and his
conductor were both arguing
as to who was more brilliant.
Driver: You are very
illiterate,your ­­ dad must have
sold a cow to educate another

Conductor: Silly­! am more
educated than you.

Driver: Whats 2 multiplied by 2. Conductor: ha­haha,very easy it's 22. 

Driver: You are a Fool! someone
told you that answer.

please my wonderful viewers describe these two men in one word

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  1. both are birds of the same feathers nice 1 Ajo

  2. 2 mumus lolz.. Nice 1


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