Monday, 11 March 2013

How to chat with your twitter friends on your 2go account

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Morning! Viewers, Most of us has been using this method to chat with their followers through 2go account. Before this can be done, you must Signup with a website that connect your 2go account to twitter and facebook. 
Follow the below steps to get Started. 


1. First of all Sign in to your twitter account, After that, Visit this website click on the 'Sign in with Twitter' button. 

2. After you had signed in, click on "Authorise Application" then Select your desirable Account to Use Gmail. I recommend using Gmail because, 2go uses Gmail account to connect. Therefore, select ' Gmxit' then fill in your Gmail details in the box provided. 

3. Click " Register" Button, Now, login into your 2go account, as shown in the screenshot above, and goto Settings, click on 'Gateway' select 'Gtalk' Then activate your account using your correct Gmail login details. (write in small letters please) 

Finally, goto your friends list and see a request from twitter, click and accept request, then add twitter as a friend. 
It will shown like this 

You can add me on 2go using this princeajo 
Follow me On twitter 

Incase You have Anything to Say, drop it at the Comment box below. 

Have a nice day!

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