Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Akpor Letter To Facebook

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After blocking Akpors from sending friend request to Ekaitte, he wrote a letter to fb.

 Dear Facebook,

          It's with great pleasure that I write to you. Firstly, allow me to express my sincere thanks to you for          allowing me to be on you and indeed for giving me thousands of cyber friends. Further thanks for allowing me to keep in touch with my loved ones. But I have a few observations to make.

1. When a man updates their status, they'll get 2 likes and 3 comments from their former classmates and 0 friend requests... but if the same status is updated by a lady, they get 170 likes, 350 comments and 470 friend requests... Why are you tolerating Gender Discrimination?

2. People who don't even have licence in real life have cars on fb... Why do you allow blackmailing?

3. People who are kept and not working in real life are CEOs on fb... Why do you allow scams?

4. Everyone writes prayers on fb but in real life theynever have time to kneel down and pray... Why don'tyou remind them that you are not God?

5. Everyone on fb likes to see a status pronouncing blessings on them but they never bless others in real life... Can't you stop that selfishness?

6. If facebook is about meeting and making new friends, why do you block me when I try doing so?

Must I know everyone? Lemme send d request to Ekaitte, she stays in my street. Please look into these issues.
                                                                                                      Yours' concerned addict,


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